Are You Ready to Buy a Home?


Are You Ready to Buy a Home in the Charleston Tri-County Housing Market?

 Charleston Housing Market
            New Listings are Down!
            Closing are Up
            Days on the market are Less!
            Prices are Increasing!                                  

            Mortgage Interest Rates down (Feb 2017) 
                 30-Year Fixed 3.767% APR
                 15-Year Fixed 3.032% APR

 Now, Are You Ready to Buy a Home?

1) Is my financial house in order?

Ideally, you’ve saved at least 10% for a down payment, 20% is better because you are deemed a lesser risk and more attractive. If you’re ready or want to know if you’re ready, we’ll help!  Visit to find out if you can qualify to purchase a home.

2) Is Charleston a good place to buy a home?

Charleston - A Great Place to Live. Charleston ranked in the US News 2017 Best places to Live ( as a place that has good housing market value an asset to buyers vs renters; a strong job market; and a high quality of life  Let us help you find your perfect home here! 

3) What is the after-tax cost of owning?

Get a realistic estimate of what you can expect to spend, and how that breaks down monthly by plugging the home price minus your down payment into a mortgage calculator like this on A portion of your mortgage will go toward principal is a savings plan with advantages of having the option to deduct mortgage interest and property taxes. Let us help you find your perfect home!

4) Rent vs Buy?

Rent has been steadily increasing across the Lowcountry because people moving here are willing to pay it. Therein lies one big benefit of owning the roof over your head find a home and lock in a fixed-rate mortgage, your costs should remain relatively stable from year to year; in time, they’ll actually go down. That may be that’s all the reason you need to get off the fence and into the housing market. Let us help you find your perfect home: