Don't Leave Money on the Table: Home Value

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It's important to know your true home value. Home values vary widely depending on the source! You could leave money on the table!!

According to (Nov. 2018) U.S. News & World Report, home value estimates vary widely. Whether the value is provided by a human or a computer, it is just that – an estimate. 
Computers and humans may disagree about which recently sold homes are comparable and how recent updates add value to a property.  Also, monthly and quarterly housing
trends on a specific area can be a better reflection of what’s happening to your property. For example, here are some homes values in Miami, Boston, Los Angeles and Kansas City,
Missouri available home value estimators. Sometimes it boils down to who is the best negotiator.

(1)   A recently renovated three-bedroom, three-bath home in a trendy historic urban neighborhood in Miami where homes vary considerably in size, age and condition:

Zillow: $302,621
Redfin: $435,802 $274,176
Bank of America: $173,960 to $536,082
Chase: $444,000 $246,000 $257,435
(2)   A four-bedroom, four-bath home in a Victorian home in the Roxbury neighborhood in Boston:
Redfin: $742,556
Zillow: $818,901 $517,299
Bank of America: $5501,971 to $665,466
Chase: $537,000 $547.400 $625,504
(3)   A three-bedroom, two-bath home in a trendy neighborhood of 1930s bungalows in Los Angeles:
Redfin: $901,416
Zillow: $846,783 $673,321
Bank of America: $722,459 to $863,368
Chase: $877,000 $877,100 $639,333
erica: $812,666 to $991,851
Chase: $1,029,000 $1,029,200 $933,742
(5)   A three-bedroom, three-bath house on a double lot in Kansas City, Missouri, where the houses vary in size and condition:
Redfin: Not available
Zillow: $164,238 $78,643
Bank of America: $111,921 to $142,282
Chase: $161,000 $160,600 $69,720

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