Visiting Charleston before you buy your Home

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Visiting Charleston before you buy Your Home

 Car trips:

Bring healthful snacks for the children to munch on. l Build in plenty of rest/play stops. l Many popular board games are available in travel size with magnetic pieces. l Rent, buy or borrow books on tape.

Plane trips:

Airlines now have Direct TV on some of their flights, and for $5, your child can watch any of 20 or so channels, including Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Boomerang.

For children with inner ear problems, have them chew gum, suck on candy or drink a bottle.

Buy Earplanes, pressure control ear valves, or give your child some child decongestant right before take-off. 

Use pre-flight time to let your children get rid of excess energy. l Take children to the bathroom before boarding and landing.


Allow time to explore neighborhoods, communities and enjoy some of the wonderful traveling sites, tastes and sounds that make up the Charleston area.  If you are arriving in the spring, reserve seats at Spoleto events.  The Park downtown has arts every weekend to enjoy.  There are traveling websites that help you organize your plans and maximize your time of enjoyment!